Our Mission

Firebrand Arts Network is a 501c3 using performing arts as a gateway to express, create, and succeed in a technologically evolving society fueled by creative thinking.


Our Values


Community and Civic Engagement  

 Firebrand is dedicated to connecting various communities through art that reflects a more equitable society.  

Cultivating Space for young people

Creative interest is often stigmatized and discouraged as counterproductive. Instead, our mission is to create spaces where young people's creativity is cultivated and their unique individual experiences are acknowledged. 


Firebrand believes that creativity is a function of critical thinking and essential in addressing personal and social issues.

Inclusivity and Collaboration

Firebrand is a safe space that welcomes people of all identities; through collaboration, they  will work together across mediums to accomplish projects that positively impact their communities. 


We champion artists by providing them with a platform via performance opportunities, development through workshops, and promotion through social media; while employing emerging artists to provide meaningful arts programming to middle and high school students.