By Rasaan Khalil

It was a Tuesday night at Young Chicago Author's WordPlay open mic when I seen a guy on stage with a blue crew neck sweater, clear frames, and a box yell out "Yo, I go by Space Snow. I'm representing Westside Woodside. That's Maywood if ya'll don't know." I instantly started cheering him on as he went into his performance. When he was done, I introduced myself. Then, I told him that I was from Maywood too and he replied, "Really? We gotta link up then." 

Snow was a rapper, producer, and one of the original music columnists for Lyrical Lemonade. He touched so many with his vibrant personality and genuine passion for art. Folks at ISU knew him as "Jazzy" after Dj Jazzy Jeff for his vintage outfits and musical skills. Artists from all over the city recalled their fondest memories of Space Snow, including rappers LA Van Gogh and Saba Pivot, who described how he was one of the first people to play the keyboard at each of their shows. Space was never afraid to be honest and vulnerable in his verses which allowed him to develop an intimate connection with his listeners. Two things Space taught me was be unapologetically myself and to push others to become better. Long live Space Snow. Rest up.



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