Young Black Empire: Jhave'll Giovon Apparel Co.

Jhave’ll Giovon, a fashion designer out of Maywood, IL, owner and CEO of YBE (Young Black Empire) and creator of his own fashion line seeks to empower community through craft.  Earlier this past summer he revealed a new line of clothing at his fashion show conducted at the Maywood Park District on 9th Ave. Here he brought out talented artist in the area not only to show off the new clothing line but also showcase some of those artists’ talents. Such a communal effort created a sense of camaraderie among the individuals who participated. The show was equipped with dance, singing, rap and spoken word. Jhave’ll studied fashion at The Art Institute of Chicago for 2-years before leaving to pursue his own ventures. He seeks to empower to his community through his fashion label. He wants to make clothing geared towards the empowerment of the Black American/Afro-centric people. If you look at some of the clothing items they contain elements that allude to Egyptian culture. The clothes bring an element of ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian culture with a slightly modern approach to how they are crafted. Jhave’ll displays a sense of craftsmanship as he spends his time hand crafting each piece thus giving each item a custom made look and feel. Jhave’ll says he wants people to feel like the kings, queens, gods, and goddesses when they are wearing the brand. YBE is a growing brand that is always expanding. Jhave’ll is constantly being creative; he always looks for new ways to reinvent himself. He is inspired to create fashion for his sons. He wishes to place them in a position where they can be proud of what they’re wearing. He wants his people to wear clothing that resonates with their inner-most being and hopefully reconnect with their ancestral roots. Support Jhave’ll Giovon and YBE by liking on Facebook and follow his next move.  For inquiries on clothing call 630-697-2315.