Video Analysis: Jefe - Metropolis (prod. Nick Mira) Shot by A309Vision

Section 312 member, Jefe is back with another visual entitled Metropolis (produced by Nick Mira) shot by A309Vision. Jefe dropped a mixtape this past Spring called The Change and Metropolis was one of the first singles we heard from the project. In the song Jefe goes into grave detail about the problems of Chicago and the effects they have on the city’s people.

The video opens with a shot of Chicago’s skyline showing how beautiful the architecture of the city is. Then the video quickly moves to a shot from a news clip where the news anchor explains the high rate of violent crimes that have occurred in the city followed by contrasting beautiful scenes from the city’s downtown area. The first verse kicks in and we see Jefe sporting a classic Bulls Jordan jersey, rapping downtown while in front of the classic Jordan statue outside the United Center.

A few frames into Jefe’s verse the storyline is introduced. We see a young kid walking the streets of Chicago with headphones and a basketball. Around the corner the viewer is shown three boys, lurking as if they are about to stir up trouble. Jefe continues to rap his verse as we are shown more visuals of Chicago’s Southside near Sox stadium. The young boy with the basketball is then seen walking into Harold’s Chicken while the other three individuals are not far behind. The young boy then takes a ride on one of Chicago’s trains and the predators are still watching him. In the midst Jefe is rapping his verse. By this time it is night out and he is seen in a classic red Bulls Jordan Jersey in front of the Buckingham Fountain and Chicago Theater. Also there is another shot of Jefe rapping in front of a crowd of his people.

    The young kid is then seen getting off the train and makes his way to an outside basketball court. He begins to practice and work on his game unaware that he is being followed. The stalkers then shake up and the words appear at the bottom of the screen saying “we on that,” indicating that they are about either rob the little kid or kill him. The predators grab the little boy as he is practicing his ball handling skills, he tries to fight back but he is outnumbered and quickly taken down. A close up shot reveals tears of a frightened boy. Then the gunman fires off a couple rounds. A getaway cars pulls up and the attackers flee the seen. The boys body is left laying on the hard cement ground murdered in cold blood.

    This set of visuals exemplifies the realities that Chicago’s youth are subject to deal with. While there are many kids who simply want to grow up and enjoy their lives simply playing basketball in the park, they quickly find out that they are hindered from enjoying these simple liberties because of the environment they’ve grown up in. In Jefe’s verse he talks about, police, drugs, school systems, employment, government. All of which have failed they city’s youth as a result the homicide rate continues to climb. Metropolis is a fictional city that needs a hero like Superman in order to keep criminals and injustice at bay. Jefe is making a parallel to between the fictional city of Metropolis and Chicago. He is saying this is our reality but how can living in such harsh conditions be truly real. But sadly the violence, danger, and poverty is very real for certain sections of people. Hopefully this video gives people an awareness of what’s going on in Chicago and can stir up conversation on how these issues can be solved. Solid work by @A309Vision. Make sure you Follow Jefe at @jefe_312_.