Craw the Sage drops "Colors" Official Video (Prod. Gryfn), Kickstarts Elixir Project

By Rasaan K

Cover art by @rhino_tns

Craw the Sage is a rapper and visual artist from Maywood, IL. Craw has been gearing up to drop his new project entitled Elixir. This magical potion of sights and sounds was created to cause the listener to feel the healing and unity only achieved through music. 

The "Colors" video depicts Craw obtaining the Elixir bottle as he dances in front of The Art Institute and throughout Millennium Park amongst Chicago's vibrancy and culture. Craw co-directed the video alongside Neil Phelps, while Charlie Copeland and Estevan Gonzalez also captured key shots. 


"Colors" is dope because it complements Craw the Sage's background as a Studio Arts major at Knox College, which was when he found the inspiration to write the song. I think this is a perfect start to an album as it reminds people to simply have fun in such tense times. Take a listen to "Colors" by Craw and subscribe to Aquinas Visions on YouTube and like on Instagram. 

"Colors" dubbed experimental trap music is the prelude to the Elixir Project which also has a  Kickstarter set up. Funding from for this project will go towards finishing the recording process of the tape and part of the backing would go towards shooting more entertaining videos with deeper story-lines. 

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