Video Analysis: Isaiah Rashad- 4r Da Squaw

Isaiah Rashad is fresh off the release of his latest project The Sun’s Tirade. He returns with brand new visuals for us to digest. In this latest video 4r Da Squaw Isaiah is spending quality time with his son on the pier.


The video opens with B-roll of the scene itself. We get to see the beautiful location and some visuals of Seagulls. Before seeing Isaiah and his son, we notice numbers some red and some green. These numbers hoover above all the people’s heads at the pier. Isaiah and his son are seen walking around the pier having great father suntime. Isaiah then goes into the hook. There is a wide angle shot showing the two main characters of the video which is Isaiah and his son. They are then seen fishing, all while Isaiah’s son is laughing and smiling. Upon entering the verse the camera does a couple spins around Isaiah as he proceeds to rap the verse. Later on at around 1:50 Isaiah’s son is running circles around him holding up a two dollar bill. They two find two rappers spitting bars at the pier. Isaiah’s son jumps in, starts to dance and seems to wow the crowd with his skill, and child-like adorableness. The two guys give Isaiah’s son two more dollars. After that the green number hover over his head changes from $2.00 to $4.00.

The song is called 4r Da Squaw, so I believe it’s safe to assume that in this song Isaiah will put on for his squaw. But also he is getting older with a son and is recognizing that he has responsibilities as a father. He raps in the verse saying: 

"If I can pay my bills, I'm good, I'm comin' over/Found a message in my bottle your son is comin' up/By the beer, by ear, by boo..what Yari saying?/You ain't nothin' but a baby, your fear is growin' up".

In the song he is really telling his son to be a kid while he still can. Once you get older there are many occurrences that will hinder your growth process. The red numbers are for people who have $0 dollars in their account and the green are the people with positive accounts. The video is taking a stance on how we view our lives. While money in our accounts seem to follow us around, we can still change our world by by thoughts and actions in the moment, even though the amount of money each person has varies. Isaiah’s son has a green number until the end of the video where he deposits his last $2.00 into the soda machine and the machine doesn’t deliver the can of pop. After wasting their last two dollars on the soda machine the two continue to have fun at the beach. Even though Isaiah’s account isn’t positive he still is able to enjoy life because his son keeps him going. His son is what keeps him joyful. Excellent work by TDE and Psycho Films again. The Sun's Tiradead is now available in stores and all your streaming platforms.