Ric Wilson: Mr. Soul Bounce

By Rasaan Booker

Prison abolitionist and organizer, Ric Wilson's latest EP entitled Soul Bounce is a playfully, jazzy blend of funk and soul. Ric touches on themes ranging from violence in Chicago, self empowerment, and hope for the future. Throughout the project, I found myself reflecting on the state of black lives in America's militaristic police state while dancing within the next few seconds. I think there's something to be said about Ric's song Butterfly, which channels the spirit of Ali. Ali was a fighter and so is Ric; this past Northcoast Festival, Ric won the most votes to perform but was almost cheated out of his spot to perform in a new artist showcase. But through resistance and petition, Ric and his following fought for his rightful spot in the show and won.  In a city with a national platform for its violence, corrupt politics, and teacher strikes, Ric uses his voice to spread hope and optimism. think it's safe to say Ric will be around for awhile. Listen to his new EP Soul Bounce on SoundCloud!