Take a Sip of the Elixir

By Rasaan Khalil

Cover Art by @rhino_tns

This past Tuesday, Craw the Sage dropped his long awaited project Elixir. Hailing from Maywood, Il, just outside of the west-side of Chicago, Craw blends influences of from alchemy, magic realism and the visual art. Craw began writing for Elixir in summer 2015 just before the beginning of his last year in college. Craw describes Elixir as a paradigm shift that involves limitless possibilities using the metaphor of turning base metals into gold. Craw is a multifaceted emcee, visual artist, and filmmaker that continues to push contemporary boundaries.

In a recent interview with Aquinas Visions, Craw explains how elixirs contain healing components and how he centers healing as his approach to making music. This is reflected in the “Intro” when he lists the Elixir’s ingredients: “a love, a cup of compassion and a pinch of love.” This magical potion of sounds was created to cause the listener to feel the healing and unity only achieved through music. 

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